Friday, July 3, 2009

Sustainable Crafting

I've been trying to carefully evaluate my trash and recycle bins lately. We are very good about recycling items and don't produce an average American pile of trash every week (not that that's saying much), but being thrifty as well as seeing no need to produce more trash than necessary, I have been trying really hard not to toss or recycle anything that could be of use. I have been using newspaper and cardboard that is not suitable for continued use in box form to use as mulch and placed it over areas where I plan to put in new garden beds.

I have been hanging on to a lot of cans lately. Especially any time I happen to have a bigger one, I hesitate to just throw it in the recycling. Looking for something holiday-themed, I realized I had the perfect materials!

I don't know why, but I cannot get this picture to flip. I painted these with acrylic paints and a coat of crafting varnish. I had the acrylics on hand, but I did buy the varnish. I bought a little bottle of it at Meijer's, but will head to the craft store next time and get a big ol' bottle. I think they would be great with some sand and votives, used to hold goodies, or even as planters!
I guess if I were a proper crafter, I would have taken pictures of these with something in them in all their 4th of July glory, but, then, I can't even get the picture turned the right direction.

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