Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1. Plant something -more basil and parsley into a pot that is easily brought inside this fall. More dill, since a lot of what I planted did not come up. It's almost time for fall plantings! :) This week, I'll be transplanting some baby cabbage plants from their container to a garden bed. I may scope out some broccoli seedlings today at the store, just to better guarantee our chances of success. I'll also be cutting some mint to mulch it with to deter pesty pests.

3. Preserve something -Making lavender oil. Next will be plantain oil.

4. Reduce waste -Well, it may be a cop-out, but I feel that when I'm harvesting and preserving herbs and "weeds" from my yard that would normally be left, I am reducing waste. I'm trying to better manage our pantry, fridge, and freezer and plan meals to use up what we have.

5. Preparation and Storage -Reading The Herbal Home Remedy Book by Joyce Wardwell. Planning next year's herb garden to include a few more useful medicinal herbs. Making herb oils and tinctures from herbs we have or can gather for future use (see "Harvest Something").

6. Build Community Food Systems -Nothing here this week....thinking....

7. Eat the Food -The girls have enjoyed a few tiny raspberries from our bushes. More spinach, a few baby carrots (just to see if they're ready), we've been carefully watching Killian's strawberry plants, but it appears that while we were away for the weekend someone (or something) else enjoyed the first of our little strawberry harvest.

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