Friday, July 3, 2009

Purslane and Wood Sorrel

I have pulled lots of purslane out of my garden. I knew it was edible, but I also knew there was another plant that looked much the same that is not edible. Having found that most weedy edibles taste, well, weedy, I didn't make any effort to figure out what plant was what and give it a try. Until yesterday.

I happened across a link with edible weed information and took a look. I found purslane and wood sorrel in my garden. I'd also been pulling up a lot of wood sorrel, presuming it to be clover (which, upon closer inspection, obviously, it is not, though we have clover with yellow flowers too). I plucked up some purslane, checked the stem for white liquid (which is in the inedible purslane imposter), found none, and, along with some wood sorrel, rinsed it off in the kitchen sink and gave it a try. The purslane was actually quite tasty! How sad that I've been spending so much time weeding it out of my garden rather than letting it grow to a decent eating size! The wood sorrel has a lemony-sour (as in unripe) apple taste, which is also good, but I'm trying to decide on a really good application for that. The little yellow flowers would look pretty in salad.

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