Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Independence Days Challenge

1. Plant something - new crop of lettuce, spinach, a few more chard plants as only a couple came up, more broccoli, a handful of garbanzo beans from my pantry--I have no idea what these will do, but at the least, I figure they'll be good for the soil (legumes fix nitrogen in the soil). I put them where the wascally wabbit ate off all the peas. The runner beans are recovering nicely, but the peas aren't coming back. Wire fencing is in place and will hopefully deter the varmint.

2. Harvest something -a couple more handfuls of snap peas. I'm going to try a different variety of snap peas this fall. I haven't had much luck with this package here. A few more radishes, some spinach.

3. Preserve something -well, not really preserved, though I could can it. Made some mint syrup for sweetening tea.

4. Reduce waste - "rescuing" 5 gallon buckets destined for the trash at our local grocers' bakeries to make more self-watering containers. Determined it is OK to put banana peels in the compost and around the rose bush in the front (it's been so neglected, it deserves a treat ;) ).

5. Preparation and Storage - drew out a plan for placement of more beds. Does cleaning the refrigerator count here? Thinking, thinking, researching.

6. Build Community Food Systems -Considering putting together a "community chest" of items that can be passed around the neighborhood. Will post more about this later.

7. Eat the Food -snap peas are being eaten as fast as the bushes can produce (sadly, they're not producing much); we ate some day lilies this week! Molly is especially fond of the day lilies. Ate spinach on top of sandwiches.

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