Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Independence Days Challenge

1. Plant something - I'm thinking I'll plant a few more scarlet runner beans on the east side of the house; the ones in front (the west side) are looking a little droopy with the heat of the sunset these last few HOT days, and the other patch out back has been apparently very much enjoyed by a critter that left behind a trace of fuzzy gray hair, so I'm betting I can identify the culprit. I will be placing wire fencing around that bed.

2. Harvest something -oregano, mint, one lone snap pea

3. Preserve something -drying more oregano

4. Reduce waste - composting, harvesting more oregano from my big patch to take to the local food bank...maybe I'll take some mint too.

5. Preparation and Storage - filling up my oregano jar, planning more beds from scrap lumber left in our rafters, collecting buckets for more self-watering containers.

6. Build Community Food Systems -sharing oregano harvest and a small bucket of oregano plants for their garden with local food bank

7. Eat the Food -enjoyed mint leaves with iced tea--took some to the baby shower we threw last week. Um, and, yeah, I ate the one lone snap pea. It was good.

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