Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding Uses for Things We Already Have

Today for the first time, I made some mint syrup. We have a massive (all the more massive for not having been pruned or harvested in the six summers we have lived here) patch of mint in the front flower bed that was planted by the previous owner. This is the first year I have harvested more that a few mint leaves from the patch, and we have really been enjoying them!

Also, for the first time ever, today we ate daylilies from our back yard. We have a couple of different types of daylilies growing in our backyard (also planted here by the previous owners). Right now, it is the orange ones that are just beginning to bloom. Molly (5) and Liam (8) tried one with me. Molly ran up the hill to pick the only other bloom to eat! I'm wondering if we'll see any blossoms for long this summer! They don't have a strong flavor, and are even slightly sweet.
They would make a beautiful garnish!

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