Friday, March 25, 2011

Garden 2011!

spread 32 gallon trash can filled with composted manure from cow share ;) (early March). Intended to do this in the fall, but never did.

I'm hoping to get some more of this in the next month (still largely frozen here at the moment). Also plan to get my wheelbarrow over to the neighbor's house. They have pet rabbits and no garden. :)

Seed orders:
Pine Tree Seeds:
Royal Burgundy Beans
Cosmic Purple Carrots
Redbor Kale
Summertime lettuce
Red iceburg lettuce
super sugar snap pea
purple cayenne pepper
Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Watermelon Radish
Golden Girl Tomato
Sweet Million Tomato
Sun Sugar Tomato
Peach Blow Sutton Tomato
Tip Off Romanesco Cauliflower
BasilicoFinnissimo Verde A Pal Basil
Italian Pepperoncini
Soloist Cabbage
Evergreen Bunching onions
Bunching Crimson Forest onions
Early Jalepeno hot pepper
ancho hot pepper
Scarlet Runner Bean
Ophelia Eggplant
Red Skin Pepper
Mini-Colored Popcorn
Dukat Dill
French Thyme
Caribbean Cocktail Nasturtiums
Black Velvet Nasturtiums
Indian Summer Rudbeckia
German chamomile
Perser Mix Aster
Prime Time Mixture Petunias
Dolce Flambe Petunias
Purple Wave Petunias

Candy onion plants
Candy apple (red) onion plants

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