Saturday, April 17, 2010

New seedlings started

It's about time for the next round of seedlings. Ben has become the resident seed-starter this year (at least indoors). This time, because we were starting some things that are harder to transplant, we started with some handy peat pots. He found a flat of them for $5 at (shhh) Walmart.

So, more seeds started. He also smartly reminded me that I want to record where the seed was from in addition to the variety name for later reference, so I added company names to my garden journal. Yeah, I didn't put it down because I could remember it right now, but, of course, that's rather silly, because I may forget by lunch.

New starts (in addition to previous listed under What We're Growing):
Burpee Organic Cucumber (Lemon)
Jung Yellow Doll Watermelon
PineTree Minnesota Midget Melon
Basil--Sweet (I think that was Bountiful Gardens/have to double check)
Basil--Purple Ruffles Territorial
Territorial Mexican Sour Gherkins
Mixed Evening Sunflower (random grocery store seeds, LOL)
Jung Belstar Broccoli
Pinetree Muncher Cukes
Pinetree Alibi Cukes
Gourney Miss Pickler Pioneer Cukes
Gourney Burpless II Cukes
Territorial Starburst Sunflower
Territorial Golden Cheer Sunflower
Gourney Terracotta Sunflower
Chinese Forget-Me-Nots (seed packet given to Liam by his 2nd grade teacher last year)
Pinetree Red Cosmos
Territorial Cosmos Mix
Select Seeds Sweet William Catchfly (freebee)

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